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Failure is an option event by FemTechTalks

Failure is an option event by FemTechTalks

Yes, we believe failure can indeed be an option… to enable our learning and success!

For every public success you see, there has likely (most definitely!) been a thousand failures behind it. From startup founders “killing it” to bestseller authors to those landing their dream job. Thanks to more and more publicly successful figures speaking out about ‘failure’ being their actual building blocks to ‘success’, from Benjamin Franklin and J.K Rowling to Ariana Huffington and Steve Jobs, we are gradually treating it as an acceptable option.

Or… not so much?

Whilst publicly shared failure stories are becoming increasingly romanticised, the stigma can still persist — most significantly — within ourselves.

Come join us as we spend an evening exploring how we can better embrace our failures to achieve our goals.

We are thrilled to be joined by a brilliant panel of speakers:

Bethan Davies — Co-Founder, The Bravest Path Bethan has over 10 years’ experience in finance and hi-tech sectors, at Autodesk, Prudential and Munich Re in regional and global leadership positions. She has now co-founded the Bravest Path, bringing a different approach to developing individuals and organisational cultures to deliver sustainable behavioural and cultural change. Bethan focuses on helping women be bolder, self-compassionate and authentic, making workplaces more human and humane.

Anna Lampart — Life Coach From her own array of life experiences, Anna has been inspired to help others overcome their personal and work challenges as a Transformational Life Coach, taking a holistic view of mind, body and soul.

Heather Parker — Product Owner, The App Business Through a few twists, turns and about-faces, Hannah has made her way from a Chemistry degree to a school lab technician, a PhD student and a stint of management consulting to land her current role as a Product Owner at TAB.

Chair: Laura Alderson — Co-Founder, FemTechTalks; Executive Assistant to CEO, Ordnance Survey Laura is an innovation professional who has worked in the tech and utilities sectors for over five years. With experience running startup accelerator programmes and developing and delivering innovation strategy, she is currently working with Cabinet Office on a project to open the UK’s best geospatial datasets.

Dont forget the bloopers at the end ;)

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