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What about Phalcon?

I have worked with PHP for almost 20 years. Yes, it takes a lot of time. And in general I worked building my projects from scratch - or creating some kind of small custom framework to turn the work easier, more productive and less error prone. But when I first heard about Phalcon, I became really curious how it works.

"A high-performance PHP framework, with a small memory footprint and a lot of cool features in it?"

Yes, it looks interesting. Maybe using Phalcon with other technologies, such as Swoole, Containers ( Docker and Kubernetes ), and Kafka, we could build solutions for high-load environments, like IoT, for example.

So, I started to play with it, and set a goal to build some applications, deploy and proceed with some benchmark tests. This is just the beginning. Anyone interested in joining me in this endeavour?

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Were using Phalcon here at work but the time where Phalcon was a thing because it was "relevant" in term of "opimized speed" is over. As every other famework today is probably equal in terms of speed, and i dont see any usage of it if youre able to use the big players like symfony and laravel.