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Ship Accessible [React] Apps

Joel Hooks 🌩
I'm a web developer that collaborates on to help other web developers be more badass at their job.
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Assuming for a moment that you can see...

Have you ever blindfolded yourself and tried to use your computer or phone?

When was the last time you navigated your current project with a screen reader?

Maybe that's somebody else's problem?


A large number of people with impairments or disabilities are unable to use the web effectively.

This is not their fault.

It's unacceptable to ignore this fact.

As web developers, we have a responsibility to try harder. To do more. To learn what it takes to make our applications as accessible as possible.

This means we need to understand the modern tools and techniques to make this happen and deliver a consistent user experience to as many folks as possible.

Listen, we're not here to lecture you, but as a society, we have to come together.

This isn't about wagging our fingers or posturing for internet points.

Accessibility matters!

Humans with disabilities have a right to access the same wealth of knowledge and utility the internet provides able-bodied folks.

We have a responsibility to do the right thing and take a stand for accessible web applications.

None of us are perfect, but we can choose to do better.

Erin Doyle is an expert in creating accessible React applications and has put together a course for you that presents a concrete process to test and develop with accessibility in mind.

After watching her new course, you’ll be prepared to audit and fix issues in your existing apps and have a better understanding of how to approach development from the perspective of your users.

Even if you aren't building React apps right now, these concepts carry over and the course is an exploration of common patterns and solutions for accessible modern web applications

-> Building Accessible React Apps (this course is egghead members only, but the first couple of lessons are free to view)

Erin and I also recorded a podcast on this subject!

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