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Toolkit for technology leaders

Almost two decades ago when I was an engineer, I took great pleasure in getting things done, and being on the ground to execute tasks.

When I first became an engineer manager, I missed that, in fact, I missed that a lot. I felt that if I wasn’t doing any hands-on work, I wasn’t being productive.

It took me a while to understand and accept that planning, strategic thinking and making sure my team can deliver and execute effectively is much more important for an engineering manager.

Being a leader is a privilege.

With that, I encourage you to enjoy your role as an engineering leader. If you are in a situation that is less than ideal, use your privilege and energy to make things better instead of feeling helpless.

  • Leverage this Toolkit as a guide and use the master checklists consisting of steps & recommendations to help you think through important factors.
  • Explore the resources provided to dig deeper into any particular topic.
  • Use templates, posters and decks provided to fast-track your application of knowledge.

However, remember that no tool can replace your critical thinking and empathy.

CTO Toolkit

As a CTO, VP of Engineering or a Senior Technology Leader, you have the power and responsibility to make a great impact on your people, your teams, your organisation and your customers.

This Toolkit is not just about strategy nor is it just a list of steps; it is about how to think, plan, lead, communicate and execute in a way that encourages accountability, improves creativity, and moves your technology organisation forward in the post-Covid future.

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