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GraphQL these questions that we ask ourselves but that the tutos do not address

I was supposed to start a job today and all my schedule was done around that but for lack of any confirmation from the client and the team leader, I still looked on the internet.productivity level: 0, energy level:'s when I remember that yesterday I was well surprised to know by doing a little waking that:

  • WordPress can be converted to REST API which returns JSON responses and then
  • GatsbyJS could recover them and with React in the background, transform all that into a static site or even a PWA.

Being a JAM Stack aspiring I was very quickly interested but having already tried to know what all the components of this Stack are for, I still block on a super powerful concept and tool that gives it a lot of charm I named: GraphQL

  • So...what is GraphQL?
  • What's the point?
  • How does it work?

On the documentation you will find answers to these questions. I also advise you the post of: Grigor Khachatryan
There are many tutorials that also talk about it but which for me treats it badly because it launches itself all very quickly to the writing of GraphQL queries that to answer many rather important questions on which the novices stumble.
Personally here are the questions I ask myself:

  • Why do I compare GraphQL to REST?
  • Can't it be added to REST?
  • one thing I like about REST is the way it allows us to write urls which is pretty sexy, so what about GraphQL?
  • Using enough ExpressJS/HapiJS are there solutions to integrate GraphQL to these frameworks?
  • At what level does GraphQL appear in an MVC architecture?(for example)

I just realized I've already found an answer to a question.
These stupid questions can be turning in the heads of many I'm sure unless I'm the only one (ohh shame!!!!)

On the documentation they give an excellent resource: how to graphql.I looked at the proposed route and it helps to answer some questions so I check it out.I'll get on it soon.

you can add the questions you ask yourself in comments

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Mika Andrianarijaona

I asked myself if performance issue caused by data resolving would be noticeable using GraphQL in front of an existing REST.

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