Your private, free Kubernetes registry

eldadak profile image Eldad Assis ・1 min read

Working on Kubernetes? Deploying your applications with Helm?
If so, you need a private, trusted and secure Helm repository and Docker registry to get your applications from. And even better if you can have them running inside your Kubernetes cluster!

Great news - JFrog just released a free Container Registry (powered by JFrog Artifactory) that can store and manage your Helm Charts and Docker images. And you can install it anywhere or get it as a service on one of the big cloud vendors (GCP, AWS or Azure).

Get some details in https://jfrog.com/container-registry/

For running it in you Kubernetes cluster, the best way is to use the official Helm chart. See https://hub.helm.sh/charts/jfrog/artifactory-jcr

Simple as

helm repo add jfrog https://charts.jfrog.io

helm install --name jfrog-container-registry jfrog/artifactory-jcr



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