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How to improve your workflow? 🐱‍🏍

Hello everyone! 🤗

I had a little break with blogging. I just felt like I needed to take one just for my sake with school and everything. Today I prepared a post that I think will help you a lot with improving your workflow. In the next part you will be able to find some tips and tricks in which I tried to explain my view on workflow improvements.

🤯 Sketching out your problem

A lot of people just go out and start programming without taking some time to define their problem. Defining a problem and taking some time to sketch it out will spark up your problem-solving mechanism which everyone has but just has to use it in the right way. I suggest taking a pen and paper to manually write out your ideas. I personally get a lot more creative when I'm with my pen and paper, rather than on my PC or laptop.

alt text

🧐 Keeping track of progress

Keeping track of your progress while coding something will most definitely improve your workflow. I learned this while I was getting into some more intense projects in which I simply had to keep track of my progress so I simply don't forget something. There is a lot of platforms that help you a lot, but I personally use Trello which saved me a lot when I was working alongside my designer. You can create a board and add a lot of lists like to-do, completed, tested. Also using Trello improves your SCRUM abilities when it comes to adapting to that sort of mechanism.

alt text

🐱‍💻 Writing reusable code

Writing reusable code is really important when dealing with complex projects. You must learn how to evaluate when you need to create functions that you will use multiple times in your project. In return that function will save you a lot of time that you would have spent on searching that same piece of code all over again. One more thing that you should note that really improves my speed and lowers my stress is simply writing really clean and cool looking code.

alt text

🤖 Using every resource available

You should think about researching resources that you might find useful in your stack and use it. Using extensions is also one of the most important things I would state here. I highly suggest using Emmet Code Snippets. They help you learn syntax easier and simply cut down your writing time and plus it makes you feel like a boss.

alt text

👋 End statement

This would be the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope that I helped someone with things they didn't know or just needed to expand their knowledge. I will try to continue making interesting content which goal will be to help you out in an entertaining way.

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