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Does anyone else face this dilemma?

emmanuelobo profile image Emmanuel Obogbaimhe twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

I just recently noticed something. Whenever I get into an intense coding session and finally get the will power to leave I find that I have to adjust to the real world in a way. Like I have to remind my brain to stop being so logical/technical. I could go out with my friends or just have a conversation after and I feel as though my brain is still working overtime and I find myself overthinking from time to time. Does anybody experience this?

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I run into the same issue from time to time. Although what helps me is I will at some point when I stop programming. Is I will take and just start playing video games. I find really anything to pull me away from programming and help me relax.
Because If I don't I will also run into the issue of just not being able to focus on anything else but programming and get stuck in an endless cycle. Heck even going out to get something to eat or getting out in general anything to really just distract me helps pull me back to a normal mindset.


Yup infinite loop that’s the phrase I was thinking of. It’s just hard sometimes to pull away when you’re so locked in to your work lol


Yea that is the truth lol the other night was up until 5am LOL pair programming. from like 11pm lol. Just have to call it quits at some point.


Yes kind of, from time I have had something like this; Sometimes after being in the "Zone", or if there is still an interesting problem to figure out the brain will keep thinking about it after the work day is done.

Fortunately? I have about an hour commute home after work, mostly on the train so that gives me a chance to read or just enjoy the scenery and let my brain "defrag" - as i call it (i.e. think on the topic some more and arrange thoughts / make a plan for tomorrow).

Perhaps a search on the web for "switching off from work" might help if you think this is becoming a problem, though it probably just means you are passionate about programming :)


I like the optimistic response lol. Will look that up thanks man.


That's why I like to work at home where I have my guitars in easy reach where I can easily engage the other side of my brain. When I can, I'll take a guitar to work so that I can play at lunch.


That's a pretty good solution. Do you feel like you have to get back into the groove when you come back from lunch? Or is it a seamless transition?


Seamless. I don't play anything complicated or practice new stuff, I just kind of jam on riffs and songs I know well to relax my mind.


Yes for sure, this happens for me when I must solve a huge problem, but I gotta go home or something. I try to prevent this with sport or something like that. Mostly it helps a lot.


Yea I try to do that too. Something that will cool my mind down.

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