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not a major one but the first : this is funny because the first open source contribution was just adding the logo icon to the simple-icons project


Haha same. Little ones here and there but nothing too serious (yet).


Mine was this pull request which I did instead of my Machine Learning homework because I kept failing matrix multiplications. Overall I got great feedback and really enjoyed it.


Good alternative to doing homework lol. Nice!


As mentioned in an earlier comment:

..I wrote a device driver and tar implementation for backing up MS-DOS machines to 0.25" cartridge tapes. Getting it accepted to the Simtel archive was a learning experience, I had to have everything documented, buildable with the listed tools and supply tests - it's almost like they wanted people to use it :) Good lessons to take to the next project!


Cool! That's some valuable experience you got right there.


In terms of lines of code, an example for Cycle.js

Otherwise, I fixed some bugs I found or added something to the docs after I searched it for hours in the code, hehe. They all could have small or big impacts, depending on how people used it.


Not sure about major, but first one was open source library for work with an API of one affiliate program: travelpayouts-js (it doesn't have english readme at this moment, sorry :))


Cool project man! Yea next step is the english version lol. Good stuff though.


My first OSS contribution was in

What I liked the most was that feeling of satisfaction after seeing my first PR had been merged :)


Sweet! That is always a great feeling. Keep it going man!

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