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Presenting Enigma Reloaded(a self hosted, offline, DIY, encryption webapp)


As you already know in 2021 human privacy is at the mercy of large tech corporations. All data in and out including our private messages is being scanned and analyzed whether if you like it or not.

What is enigma reloaded?

It's a simple tool that works as a contact book where you can keep the public keys and conversations with your contacts. It works inside your browser without any:

  • external service or server
  • dependency on the internet (it has 100% offline support)
  • all data stored in the browser is encrypted using AES
  • dependency on the domain, You can self host it, it's simple HTML, CSS and JS.

Use case

Take this message:
Hey Bob, how are you?

Without being encrypted you see the message, Bob sees the message, your app from your phone or browser sees the message, bob's app sees the message, and maybe more than that.

Enigma reloaded helps you turn that message into
oayt2NqA kTlEB6 vzYArrD 0OXUw 1Z H 8ZX gFIGa1wM A1fC2Oil qA,mw iU8vPnhuw 8Jmbtk 4 mTp1 WP8cq asM ZP

Which looks like a text fragment from analyzer point of view. But the true meaning is indecipherable, unless you are Bob, the true receiver who can decipher back the text using his Enigma Reloaded with his public key.

How to get it?

You can use Enigma Reloaded directly here:

Or even better, to have 110% control, download gh-pages branch: as a zip and host it's content.

You can also check the source code for it here:

Other nice features:

  • Encrypt and decrypt files
  • Time based PIN access control
  • backup and restoration from encrypted backups
  • PWA installation

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Game Surfer

How can I use it?

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Enigma Reloaded Author

go to and press "Get Started"

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