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Enoch Ndika
Enoch Ndika

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I created 9 free dashboard templates built with Tailwind for React, Next, Vue, Nuxt and Svelte.

Salvia-kit dashboard



By creating several dashboards for my professional use, I ended up with several dashboard templates. So I decided to make it open source because it would motivate me to create even more dashboards.

At the beginning I wanted to make them only for React but with time I was motivated to make them for Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt and Svelte to reach more developers.


I made a total of 9 dashboards and each dashboard has 5 templates.

  • React template
  • Next.js template
  • Vue template
  • Nuxt.js template
  • Svelte template


i took advantage of Tailwind's flexibility to create free premium dashboard templates.

  • Support of the active route (styled by default).
  • Fully customizable and without external dependencies.
  • No vendor lock-in, you can export it and integrate it in your project.
  • Sidenav aligned left or right according to your preferences (on mobile).
  • A detailled documentation.

No vendor lock-in

Salvia-kit is created to solve a problem I often encountered when using dashboards owned by third party developers or companies. that is vendor lock-in.

These dashboards often contained many configurations with several scripts, which still did not allow to export them and integrate them easily into an existing project. Therefore, it was always necessary to use the repository provided by the owner of the dashboard.

This is what motivated me to create dashboards that can be easily integrated into existing projects with simple, readable code and documentation designed for developers.


As English is not my native language, I can make some grammatical mistakes while writing all the 43 repositories. You can fix that by contributing to improve content.

If You'd like to add a new dashboard, please check out the Contribution Guide


Thanks to Vercel for sponsoring this project by allowing it to be deployed for free for the entire Salvia-kit Team.

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enochndika profile image
Enoch Ndika

Thank you

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Michał Pawelski

It looks really cool, clean and simple.

enochndika profile image
Enoch Ndika

thank you

noamgu profile image

Awesome work!

aheisleycook profile image

Clean and solid I like tailwind unlike bootstrap because that one its clunky if you ever decided to do anything custom

aheisleycook profile image

Development should free to the artist if its not more tools musrgrow

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6araka profile image

"By creating several dashboards for my professional use, I ended up with several dashboard templates"

bruh... LMFAO you did not create any of these. I've seen them all on codepen or online lol be more honest with the hard-work of others.. like what on earth dawg

wilson_maseko_the_dev profile image
Wilson Maseko

Wow impressive

chadrackkyungu profile image
Chadrack kyungu

The design is superb, thank u for the wonderful work

enochndika profile image
Enoch Ndika

yeah, i updated the post. you can see the link at the top

zaxwebs profile image
Zack Webster

This looks really cool. I've been planning to learn React and this seems to be the perfect reference for me.

brunotdantas profile image
Bruno Dantas

Thanks a lot, that will come in handy =)

devluc profile image

Amazing work generously shared with the community. Congratulations Enoch. I've added Salvia Kit dashboard templates on HTMLrev - the largest free HTML templates library

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Dipayan Sukul

Really beautiful. Loved them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

manikbajaj profile image

Great! What do you mean by "No vendor lock-in". Your statement doesn't clearly explain the problem that you are trying to solve here .

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justdaven • Edited

Say you were to create dashboards using Splunk. Then your boss wanted to stop paying by the gb, so you move to Elastic. You need to recreate any dashboards you had. With this, you would just need to change the data sources...

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Gladson Reis

Wowwww, thanks you man !!!