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Discovering the Entando Standard Banking Demo

Did you know Entando provides a set of Microservices, Micro Frontends and CMS components to demonstrate the capability to compose applications?

This is the Standard Banking Demo!

Today, Iā€™m inviting you to discover this application through the four different bundles we built with React and Angular micro frontends and Java Spring backends.

From the source code to the packaged artifacts, called bundles, we will discover the capabilities of these components to resolve a business issue.

In this video we will dive into the global architecture, the way to install the Standard Banking Demo, discovering the code source, how to configure the micro frontends on the fly and how the Entando App Builder can help us on the final composition.

This Standard Banking Demo is a great starting point for having a global overview of what a Composition Platform looks like and how it successfully makes components working together.

I hope it will help you on this path and you will enjoy it!

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