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Camilo Martinez
Camilo Martinez

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One second to read GitHub code with VS Code

⚠️ Update: this trick is outdated due to GitHub was implemented . keyboard shortcut to open a web based editor

Exists a cool trick to visualize a repository code directly on VSCode and literally, you will only need one second.

Just add 1s between github and .com and press Enter in the browser address bar for any repository you want to read.


But don't expect too much. It does not have editing capabilities, it's just a read-only viewer.

If one second it's too much for you, I have another cool trick up my sleeve.

A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands that add new features to the browser.

Drag and drop the GitHub1s to your bookmarks bar and edit his properties using these values:

Property Value
Name: GitHub1s
URL: javascript:/^github(?:1s)?\.com$/.test(location.hostname) ? location.hostname = `github${location.hostname === '' ? '1s' : ''}.com` : location.href = location.href

To use it, just click the bookmarklet when visiting a GitHub repository and it will automatically to the URL. If you click it again it will come back to the URL. In other sites reload the current URL.


Usually, the keyboard shortcut to show or hide the bookmarks bar is ctrl+shift+B (Windows/Linux) or ⌘+⇧+B (macOS).

If you found an x-rate-limit or authorization message. You reach the rate limit quota or are trying to access a private repository.

You can create and use a GitHub Access Token on Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens and clicking the Generate new token button.

⚠ Take care of the scope you select.

Click on the update Update OAuth token option.


And use the previously created token.


I think using this option on public repositories it's a good idea because the source code is public, but I do not think the same with private repositories.

⚠ Double-check your company security policies before doing that in private repositories because you would be given access to a third party.

Bonus Track:

You also can use the Remote Repositories extension to open a repository directly on VS code without cloning it.


That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding 🖖


Top comments (13)

cavo789 profile image
Christophe Avonture

Works just the first time then, on every new attempts, the x-rate-limit of github was there. Very, very nice work (my first attempt was successful) but, in fact, not usable due to github limit restrictions.

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

With the OAuth access token, you can avoid the x-rate-limit message (the article was updated). 👍

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

I've tried again and works fine. Maybe it's failing because it's trending on the dev community right now. There are too many people testing 😅.

estruyf profile image
Elio Struyf

I like the idea! This is much easier to read the code. Two things that would make this a killer are:

  1. Be able to search in all files. Doesn't seem to work at the moment, global search only searches in the file which is opened.
  2. Being able to switch between branches.

Great work!

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

There is an open issue about search in all files.

oguimbal profile image
Olivier Guimbal • Edited

Hi ! Nice 😊

I'm wondering, how does it compare with github codespaces ? I haven't tried yet, but it seems to be a bit the same spirit (but an heavier artillery, obviously... Given that it seems to run a vm somewhere ☁️)

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

I have beta access on codespaces and it very different.

github1s it's very lightweight and only can be used for a quick view. Meanwhile, codespaces load a "complete" environment, and it very near to the vscode desktop experience (even you can install extensions).

yaser profile image
Yaser Al-Najjar

Kudos Camilo!
I showed this to a friend, and what he said is: "that's some real awesomeness"... and I second that 😁

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

I only create a how-to tutorial 🤣 the real awesome guy is conwet 😎

yaser profile image
Yaser Al-Najjar

I just saw the first character "c", and I thought it was you 😅
Still, thank you for telling us about this awesome tool!

upupkenchoong profile image
Ken Choong

what? What kind of sorcery is this?

joelbuenrostro profile image
Joel Buenrostro

interesting, I'll have to try it.
thanks Camilo

devdufutur profile image
Rudy Nappée

Great Idea 👍👍👍