I'm building a product, should I stream it?

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Hey everyone!

I am in the middle of designing a new product and subsequently a new company. I really like the idea of being open about how I am building it so others can learn how to/not to do things.

This would be a no brainer if I was going to make the code open source but at this point I am choosing not to. My question to the community is:

Should I stream the building of this product?

I am really talking about the coding and design of it, with the possible extension of the building of the company.

I would love all your thoughts, good, bad and ugly!

You can read a vague article I wrote about what I am doing here: https://dev.to/ericadamski/creating-more-meaningful-interactions-4j2h


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Hey it only depends on what you prefer. Working on product is really hard and streaming it may motivate you but on the other hand it can gives you unhealthy pressure - If product would fail how would you take it, you would have to also admit it in front of the audience. You have to make your own list of pros and cons and decide :)


That is something I have not yet considered! Thank you.

I think the fear of failure really should not determine whether I take the journey or not. Would it still be a useful exercise for others if the product fails? I know I would have a lot of fun building and showing it off!

You are 100% correct, it would be a great source of motivation!


Streaming in general also gives you the opportunity to not get distracted and focus on your product building.


That's true! Having devoted time to focus on something is going to be a Good effect!