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Why I Started Something

My name is Eric Adamski. I am the founder of and I would like to tell you why I started it. When I was finishing high school and applying to higher educational institutions, I found myself lost in the number of potentially life altering options that confronted me. So without thinking I randomly selected five different programs to attend. The one I ended up accepting was a degree called Computer Science. At the time I had no idea what was involved in Computer Science. It was probably the end of my first year when I actually wrote a working program that I feel in love with it. After I had graduated I realized that it was luck that I stumbled upon Computer Science, and not everyone has that chance.

Not everyone gets lucky. Some of us don't even have the chance to try, and that is why I started I want to provide opportunity for people to get into a career that they find fulfilling. I want to allow others the same opportunity I had to find my path, my dream job, my life's passion.

Programming has given me the ability to live my life the way I want. will provide countless other with that exact same ability. We will stand behind you every step of the way. Encouraging you, pushing you to do your very best. We will help you find the freedom and happiness you deserve from your career and we'll do it together.

This was meant to be an extremely short post, a brief about why I am starting I would love the opportunity to share how we plan on helping. If anyone wants to talk you can call me through the working section of our site or email me! (We can talk about anything, not just the things mentioned in this post! I am here to listen.👂🏻) has only been available to the world for 2 weeks and is still a massive work in progress. Just in that time I have had the pleasure of talking with over 20 of the most wonderful people from all around the world! I am looking forward to getting involved with more people and transforming some careers!

This is also my first post on! 👏 (Yes, I am clapping for myself 😂)

I hope you enjoyed this short read. I know that writing is not one of my strong suits yet, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Either in the discussion below or anonymously here:

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Richard Lenkovits

This is amazing! Who are the people behind your site?

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Eric • Edited

Great question! Currently myself and my partner who is a product designer and project manager.

I'd love to talk more about it if you'd be interested!

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Nguyễn Minh Tuấn

thank you