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Is there a tutorial to build a support live chat for a website using

I would like to add a support live chat web app to my website using, mainly focused on new users who have specific questions or feedback about my product. All visitors of the website can chat with the support staff, currently me, but the visitors can not see each other's messages or communicate with each other. I looked around on the internet for a tutorial that goes through this but all were for communication amongst all the users like in a group chat like . However, I need to build one in which they can all individually only message me and can not read each other's messages or message each other, and I can reply to each message individually. Could you please link a tutorial that walks me through this or the code for such an app so that I can understand the code?

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using i think for high availabilty would be a problem i recommend using elixir phoenix you can read an article here to get an insights of how to create scalable realtime communication like discord using phoenix and elixir