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Daily UI Component - 01

Daily UI 01

The other day I decided to re-join the DailyUI challenge platform - DailyUI Challenge. I previously joined the Daily UI community for about a month before abandoning it to focus on development of enterprise software and move more towards advanced computational development (i.e. particle systems, procedural terrain generation, etc.).

Flash forward about a year later and I'm back to the web dev grind and creating quick UI components in my spare time.

For my first component, I created a small schedule dashboard for a pet service application. Moving forward I will be spending an hour a day on these small components (as consistently as possible of course), each day trying to implement a new design strategy.

Feel free to follow my progress in this public repo:
DailyUI - Eric Moore

And lastly of course, Happy weekend!

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Arttu Pyykönen

Looking good!