First Day on DEV!

ericmoore123 profile image Eric Moore ・1 min read

Hey everyone! Today is my first day on DEV! Any tips on how to engage with the community would be awesome!

As for my personal development trajectory, I am a web developer for the Canadian Government Coast Guard and a 4th year university student in Ottawa Ontario! ReactJS, MongoDB and front-end technologies/libraries such as Bootstrap, D3 and ChartJS reside in my daily toolkit.

I'm looking forward to learning and developing my skills with all of you!


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Welcome buddy, my recommendations are never give up, keep trying, and be cool, looks like here all the people is very cool and friendly, animus my friend 😁😉👍✌️


Thanks man! I appreciate the warm welcome!



The best way to engage is ... Just be yourself! Comment on posts you find interesting. Everyone loves answering questions about their projects/posts so that's a great way to get started. Once you are comfortable, you should also share your own projects here. It's a great way to get real engagement from a lot of smart and friendly people.

Good luck with the rest of your studies and have fun here at DEV! :)


Thanks Arttu!



Web development is at it’s best when you are having fun. Keep exploring new concepts (meet-up groups and conferences are great for this) and be willing to pivot if you find that you are bored more often than not. Also, beware of burn-out. Take vacations and don’t feel like you need to work on weekends. Hobbies (that don’t involve more coding) will save your sanity. Finally, it’s important to recognize that you aren’t the only person in the room that doesn’t know everything and it’s equally important to recognize that it’s OK to ask for help.

Good luck. :)


I just joined too and i love the platform. Just keep checking around and keep posting your geeky stuffs😊😊😊 Welcome...🤓


Newbies unite!


Welcome! In addition to dev.to, Twitter is an excellent place to network. Nicole Archambault, who has some awesome online courses, recently made a great podcast episode about networking on Twitter lavieencode.net/podcast/042-how-to.... On Twitter, I met a lot of the Go community and also the #CodeNewbie community, which holds fun Twitter chats every Wednesday at 9PM Eastern. Also, some tech meetups are still hosting virtual events. The one I help organize, Boston Golang for the Go programming language (excellent for backend web development), is one of them!


I'm less than a month old. Thanks for posting this :)


We’re all in this together my friend!


I saw that you work on tech like MongoDB.....can you suggest me a road map to be good in MongoDB??


You’ll want to understand how the Mongodb syntax works first. I suggest starting with learning how to use the cloud database on the command line then move into integrating it into your apps and projects.

I suggest you grab the Mongodb Udemy course by Maximilian Schwarzmuller!



Any tips on how to engage with the community would be awesome!

Comment on posts you find interesting, and ask questions! I 100% recommend posting your own posts too.


Hello and welcome to Dev.to Community ! 👋🏼😉