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How should I let employers know that my speech is not very good

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I have a speech problem. It has no effect on my being a dev and from experience face to face communication isn't bad, but phone conversations are horrible.

From what I read about the interviewing process they always give you a phone call, plus phone interviews. If that's the case I would never get hired.

What can I do to?

Is it normal/ok to demand only face-to-face interviews on the cover letter?
Would not including my phone number be enough?

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I would be straightforward with them, don't assume that not including the phone number would make them understand. Most people will just email you to setup a Skype or phone interview anyway. As you said, a speech impediment doesn't affect your abilities as a developer. Still, hiding it doesn't help your nor the potential employer.

You can kindly ask to be reviewed in person.


Yes, ask for accommodation. This is not at all unreasonable.


If you're applying for a position of remote developer that has nothing to do with customer care (over the phone) what so ever I don't see how having a speech problem might cause issues.

Most of the communication happens over emails or some sort of chat (from Irc to Slack and from Skype to Discord) and with the diversity of accents and personal backgrounds people are pretty used to a variety of situations.

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