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iOS Continuous Integration Setup with Git, GitHub, Travis CI, TDD, Xcode [S01 Extras]

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In this episode, we set up a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline for our Quiz project.

The goal for this initial setup and integration with GitHub is to guarantee we only merge changes that don’t break the build and are passing all tests. There is a lot more we can do with CI servers, for example, automate the build, upload and deploy of the app to TestFlight or even the AppStore.

Continuous Integration is just the beginning, as Continuous Build and Continuous Deployment (and rollback!) are higher goals we want to achieve. Such automated checks can save us precious time and can be vital to a harmonious collaboration when developing apps in a team. It can also significantly improve trust and transparency with the business side, where we can, during development, deploy versions of the app several times a day to the broader team.

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