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GitHub Gist API Public Gist Demo


Use Gist API to create a simple single-page application. A user should be able to enter a username and get the full list of public Gists for that user. The following are a list of functional requirements.

Use the API provided by GitHub Gist API Document Link.

• Search: When a user enters a username, it should be able to get a full list of public Gists by that user.

• Filetype: Convert the filetypes of the files in the gist into a tag/badge, (e.g, if the returned gist has list of files containing python and JavaScript files, the gist should have the respective tags/badges).

• Fork: Username/Avatar of the last 3 users who forked it with avatar linking to the fork.

This Simple Application is Developed using React JS and antd UI Kit. for API calls I used JS Async/Await to fetch data.

Source Code:
Working application Link :

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