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Array Methods

An array is a special variable that can hold more than one value at the same time. That is, they are used in Javascript to store multiple values in one variable.

As a programmer, you'll need to adjust/remove/add/replace/count etc elements in an array therefore you need to know the right method to use for any manipulation. There are different methods of manipulating an array and I will be showing some of them.


This method is used to merge (concatenate) existing arrays. It returns the new array by combining previously declared array variables.
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This method changes the content of an array by adding and/or removing or replacing elements in an array.
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This method returns true or false if every element in the specified array satisfies a condition specified in the callback function. Returns false even if a single element does not satisfy the condition.
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This method returns a new array of all elements that satisfy a given condition.
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This method removes the first element of the array. Its return value is the removed element.
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Unlike shift above, the pop() method removes the last element from an array and returns that element.
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Other methods include but not limited to:

Methods Methods
forEach map()
indexOf reverse()
join() lastIndexOf()
fill() fine()
unshift() toString()

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