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State of Web Dev 2020 Survey

Eugenia Evtushenko
Content Manager at Akveo with 3+ years of experience in the IT sphere with the focus on no-code and low-code application development and UI Bakery in particular. Murakami lover.
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Web app development is constantly changing, especially in the current tough situation in the world. Companies have to cut their staff, fundings, projects, etc. No-code and low-code solutions like Webflow, Bubble, Zapier, Airtable, and UI Bakery are gaining popularity since they allow to save human, technology, and time resources.
Are you among those experiencing major shifts? Want to share your own thoughts or see how other companies tackle new challenges and transform a web app development strategy?
Take the State of Web Dev 2020 Survey to discover market insights. Every participant gets the results. More than a hundred companies have already taken the Survey, so join them if you’re concerned about web app development and its future.
We are.

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