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Top IoT App Development Companies Worldwide

“According to Cisco study more than 70% of the organizations failed due to the poor IoT implementation plans. Hence, a scalable, secure and robust IoT model is necessary for a successful project”

Before choosing an IoT service provider , it is a best practise to ask the IoT service providers a set of questions before zeroing down to one.

What is the pricing model for developing an IoT mobile app ? Fixed or are there any hidden costs?
When we can receive the fully functional IoT app?
How scalable is your IoT gateway solutions?
Can we see the IoT project while its in progress?
What are the security measures undertaken for the developed IoT applications?

Here are the list of top IoT application development companies who are in the market for a decade or more and has delivered many significant projects on the go. The number of successful IoT implementation projects, using current IoT technologies and other security features, client’s reviews are some of the metrics used to create this list.


Contus is a pioneer in providing digital engineering services and a leading Software as a Product company. For 11+ years, it has created several successful projects globally covering various business verticals in Healthcare, construction, logistics through various IT services and products.
They have successfully implemented multiple Iot app development services and completed many IoT projects including Mumbai Smart city project, where they delivered IoT- Sensor based app for a leading heavy-duty vehicle company, worked with leading telecom industries and so on.

Key Strengths:

  • Skilled off-shore Team with post-production support.
  • Provides multi-cloud deployments like like Amazon Web Services, IBM’s Bluemix, Azure.
  • Delivers the IoT projects within deadline and provides data analysis for creating a robust and scalable IoT application. Uses standard IoT protocols like MQTT, XMPP,CoAP.


Peerbits is a global mobile app development company with its presence in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Columbia. It is known for building smart products with excellent IoT app development services. With a single real-time range they associate the connected devices with a centralized console.
Peerbits has created several impactful projects like smart energy monitoring, smart home, smart asset monitoring and fleet management services.

Key Strengths:

  • Provides Effective communications system
  • Predicts any upcoming downtimes
  • Boost the businesses with leaps and bounds


Cronj is an IoT app development company which helps to create high quality Iot applications with web-enabled sensors like wearable technologies like smart glasses, fit brand watches and other sensor technologies. It provides IoT Gateway solutions connected effectively through RFID, wifi, bluetooth to communicate & collaborate with each other.
Cronj is one of the top IoT companies with skilled in-house team that solves the client's challenges by providing scalable and cool IoT technological solutions.

Key Strengths:

  • Timely delivery of the product
  • Flexible Engagement
  • Customer-centric approach


Mindinventory provides an high-end IoT app development services since 2011. Their main focus lies in Web and Mobile app development and web design services. They kickstart a project within a day and ensures to deliver the end-product to the customer within the deadlines.
Industry focused IoT services offers a cost-effective solutions and have served various business verticals including Electronics, Retail, Banking, Logistics , security and so on.

Key Strengths:

  • Post IoT implementation support & Services
  • Provides App Security consulting services
  • IoT Maintenance services
  • Voice Enabled Technology solutions


Founded in 2009, TechAhead is globally acclaimed Iot application development company. They help to streamline your business operations into a scalable and secure connected platform. Analytical data provides an insight of their application performance which provides a monthly performance reports , any predictable failures in the future and the possible growth rate etc.
Ever since the inception of the internet of things, TechAhead is growing steadily with reliable IoT consulting services, rigorous IoT Testing to give a flawless user experience.

Key Strengths:

  • Gives real-time data tracking
  • Provides lucrative opportunities
  • Offers a safe, secure and manageable IoT architecture model


Being in the business for 12+ years, CueLogic is one of the trusted Iot app development company that aims to drive the organization digitally with disruptive technology and innovative products thats gives a competitive edge. IoT projects offers an additive UX and scalable architecture model where these apps are built in a high-velocity environment and supports cross-platforms.
Cuelogic uses some of the best practises to implement the IoT for mobile app development projects to delight the users. They develop API’s to provide seamless integration and generate greater revenues.

Key Strengths:

  • Provides data-based decision making
  • Streamlines the multiple process through centralized system
  • Redefine your product offerings through IoT processes


Octal software provides several driving forces for implementing IoT platforms successfully like Miniature boards, sensors, power connectivity and cloud sync. It supports data analytics using Machine Learning, Big Data supporting multiple OS like iOS, Windows 10 and Android.
Right from IoT smart homes, connected cars to Smart Retail OCtal has served various business verticals turning them into a profitable business

Key Strengths:

  • Provides on-demand solution
  • Supports multi-cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, IBM Bluemix
  • Uses IoT standards like OPENIoT,Weave, Nest etc

Wrapping Up

Based on the above list, choose a reputed IoT application development company to increase your business revenue and build a robust IoT platform with the help of these expertise IoT service providers. IoT are here to stay and selecting the best out of the lot is the smart way to 10X your revenue in a short span of time. Augment the automation process with a transparent and comprehensive IoT service providers.

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