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The iOS Checkm8 jailbreak is hugely significant, but not for you

This article refers to new iPhone jailbreak, named Checkm8, announced on Twitter by @axi0mx with this tweet.


Main points on the article:

Back in August, Apple released an iOS 12.4 update which unpatched a jailbreak vulnerability which took advantage of the ‘SockPuppet’ flaw, and was swiftly patched by a red-faced Apple. While embarrassing, that mistake pales in comparison to the recent vulnerability of Checkm8.

“The most significant thing about Checkm8 is that it can’t be fixed with a software patch which is the way most vulnerabilities get fixed as it is in software, which is hard-coded on the device,” says Robin Wood, an independent security consultant.

To put it simply, Apple is completely powerless to do anything about the exploit, short of recalling millions upon millions of affected devices. It’s one of the most significant exploits in recent years, potentially shaking the Apple ecosystem to its core. But does anyone really care about jailbreaking anymore?

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The article starts with:

A hacker has revealed an iOS exploit that's unpatchable and could impact millions of iOS devices. But, it's 2019. A jailbreak is only really useful for security researchers.

Do you agree?

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