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Why every programmer should write

Reading this topic, you may wonder "Don't all programmers write?" Yeah, we write code but the main point of this write-up is what some call technical writing.

Technical writing is a fairly huge aspect in tech that most people don't pursue, I normally didn't see the need to until I forced myself to put a post out there, my fears?

  1. Criticism: like most people I dislike criticism the fact that I'll spend long hours of my day working on write-ups just to put them out and get a bad review or response. Then I went with something I know, Python basics, I felt no one can go wrong with Python basics so I wrote stuff on that. But I learned some criticism can be good. They help me improve and soon enough I got over this fear.

  2. Unread posts:this waned on me for some time, some of us are familiar with's <25 readers, up to my third post I was quite discouraged by this seeing that my posts were pointless and not even seen or read, but the truth is no one reads what they're not interested in or curious about, and I can't force interests so I did the best I could, forwarded posts to people on different social media handles.

  3. Consistency: I didn't have a problem with consistency till last week when my health went bad and could barely think of what to write, I had written at once every 4 weeks for the past 4 months and got the 16week consistency badge.

So why should you go through all this just to write what you benefit:

  1. Researching: when writing weekly, though lazy at first I find myself prone to research more often to understand what I'm about to put out, and researching will greatly improve everyone's understanding of a particular aspect of tech whichever you want whether you're writing on it or not.

  2. Cleaner code, Less debugging: as I continued to write code as I learned, my knowledge of programming also greatly improved it was almost like I began to understand the language like my own and the program does almost exactly what I need it to do which makes my code more liable to run than cause an error needed to be debugged.

  3. Recognition: I may not be the most popular technical writer in the world, but I can at least be recognized as an author by some, an author of the beginners programming with python series.

I have found so much joy in writing, Also thinking of getting a part-time job from it, so if you know of any openings feel free to hit me up. In the next few weeks, I'll be writing some data science/machine learning overviews and giving steps on building and training models, stay tuned and keep coding.

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iamhamidd • Edited

I always write some keywords when Istarted Programming but now with the some advanced program it's not compulsory .....