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Data : The Superpower of Future

The demand for data scientists in the market increases day by day. I also decided to learn data science and enrolled Flatiron School Data Science Bootcamp. Although there are many popular tech areas nowadays, I will try to explain why I decided to data science in this post.

Personal Interest

The most important reason of my decision is obviously my personal interest of math and coding. Despite I graduated from Bs. Chemical Engineering, my favorite courses were always about math and coding during my university years. So, I always want to continue my education with Ms. Computer Science. After I realized data science concept, I understood that this is the area what I am looking for, not computer science. It is more specific area with the combination of math, programming, statistics, problem-solving, the ability to interpret captured data and with processing this data build and offer business solutions. This combination perfectly matches with my expectations.

Demand in Market

Big data is one of the most important resources for companies future. Companies can build new models for future plans and investments with using previous data. The importance of data science has increased with sharing big data (individual or corporate) via internet. Thanks to internet, people can easily reach important data about topic and can guess the future plan of this area. But, this data is not always clean and useful for everyone. Mostly, the data which is easily reachable, needs to clean and prepare for next model. So, the demand in the market has increasing everyday for data scientist.

Use of Data Science in Healthcare

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Data science not only offers solutions for companies, but also offers solutions and models for issues that concern all humanity. Healthcare is one of the these common sense areas. Data science has many applications in healthcare and medicine and I really consider some of these applications like genetics and genomics. All the data about our bodies are stored in human's genes individually. If this database can be commented in perfect way, the impact of genetic variations on genetic code can be understood and according to this interpretation maybe medicine for fatal illnesses can be found by scientists. All of these steps in healthcare such as interpretation of DNA, creating medicine, accuracy of diagnosis, keeping patience data and offering models for illnesses or virtual assistance to patients, contain lots of data and need data scientists for handling. One of the reasons of my decision is exactly these applications of data science which relates to all humanity. Even though it is difficult to make precise predictions at the beginning of the road, this field will be the area that I would like to work on after graduation.

Long-term Learning Process - like Marathon, not 100m Run

Lastly, I love learning and learning must be the life-long for me about my job. And, data science is the perfect area for this. It has very broad applications and like all other tech jobs it is very dynamic. You have to be aware of innovations and must learn new concepts. You should find solutions for different cases in market and to do this you have to search lots of sources and interpret them. I always believe that a rolling stone gathers no moss. So, I love to learn and to level up my knowledge.

In addition to lots of causes, these four headings are the main reasons of why I began data science journey.

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Boi N Moriba

This is a great break down of why you wanted to do data science!!!!! You will get hired for sure!!!