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Building a database and UI for a website were students upload,download and share books

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a website for my University. Now one feature i wanted to include was were students could 1.upload and download books onto and off the site. 2.It should be so that they can write a description of what book they want to upload( To serve as key words during a search).3.There should be a search bar were students type a keyword or keywords that will then query the results by looking for matches.(It'd be nice if it could do that thing search engines like google do were you receive suggested matches before you hit search.). So what languages should i learn to manage this project and how best can the professionals describe what I'm trying to get at.

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Blake Seipler

Really any backend language would work for this. Node, Ruby, PHP, etc. They all can do exactly what you want.

As far as databases, I'd just go with a relational database like MySQL or PostreSQL. You'll probably use an ORM in whatever backend language you choose to interact with the database.

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For clarity, you said:
Ruby,Node and PHP will work for the "interactions"
MySQL and PostreSQL will help with building I'd believe the storage setup for the books?
Did I get that right?

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Marco Colli

Personally I suggest Ruby on Rails, it should be straightforward to build your app.

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How do I integrate a database into my website?
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