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florent giraud
florent giraud

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I had the feeling I should present myself today

So today, I had a revelation!

I wrote my 4th article on 😱😱😱 . But, I never explained who I am when it could help to understand my point of view in my articles...

Well, then let's go!

I am Florent Giraud web developer for 4 years now, currently working at Atecna. I am passionate about Javascript but more generally about the different issues related to server/front languages.

I love vuejs 💕 and its eco-system simply because things are simple and extremely complete.

I love going into details and confronting my articles with real business problems behind them.

More particularly on me I am a speaker at CHTIJS recently but I have already done several meetups that you can find HERE.

I now write articles on and it is a pleasure for me to compare my ideas with other enthusiasts like myself. It is exciting and enriching.

Besides that I was able to help on several projects like :

Currently I have integrated an open source project
The goal is simple!

Create esport for developers yes yes yes yes! :)

But I promise I will make an article in more detail! Or ask me by email or other social networks.

And finally I'm also a streamer on where I mainly do dev for devwars but also help people who are watching me on vuejs projects or javascript concepts.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and hope to see you again on my stream or in commentary on my articles. See you soon!

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome/Bienvenue to Florent! Maybe I'll see you at a js-montreal meetup in the future.

Lâche pas la patate!

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florent giraud Author

i come to Montreal in august :) so yeah you will see me :)