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70+ Python Projects For Beginners, Intermediate And Experienced Developers

Building hands-on projects will help you gain practical coding skills. One step at a time, you’ll be putting your theoretical knowledge to use and build an impressive portfolio. If you are an experienced Python Developer, You might have heard as well as searched for this question “What are some python projects for beginners & those at an intermediate skill-level and Which projects should I work on to gain real time experience?” (when you're a beginner) in different communities like GitHub, Reddit or Quora.

In this post, you’ll find example projects with step-by-step instructions, tutorials and source code that’ll take you through building some cool, interesting, unique and real-world Python projects, from scratch.

70+ Python Projects

👉 Bitcoin Price Notifications using Python

Summary of this Project: In this Project, You'll learn about HTTP requests and how to send them using the requests library. You will also learn about webhooks and how to use them to connect your Python app to external services like phone notifications.

Tutorial & Code: Bitcoin Price Notifications Project by Real Python

👉 Crawl Wikipedia Pages with Python

Summary: Learn how to build a basic web-scraping app with python that scrapes Wikipedia pages and follows random links endlessly to simulate a web crawler. You can expand this project into many creative ideas, for example, you can use it to verify links on your websites by crawling all of them and notifying you when a dead link is found.

Tutorial & Code: Crawl Wikipedia Pages with Python Project by FreeCodeCamp

👉 Python Face Recognition Project

Project Summary: This is a fun intermediate python project. This Face Recognition project detects faces and places a box around it and identifies the face based on those in a given list. It works by analyzing a photo and comparing it to the faces in the list to determine if it’s a match or if it’s an unknown identity. A few python modules are required to download in order to complete this project and have it run properly.

Tutorial & Code: Python Face Recognition Project by Tech with Tim

👉 Blog Web Application Project using Python

Project Summary: If you’ve ever wanted to create a blog from scratch, this project is for you. Corey Schafer‘s tutorial series utilizes Python’s Django framework for the back end development. This is among the more difficult projects on this list but each part of the project is explained thoroughly. Not to mention, if you make any mistakes you can always refer to the project source code.

Based on Django, The Source Code and Tutorials: Python Full-Stack Blog Web Application Project by Corey Schafer Django based Tutorials and Source Codes

Based on Flask, The Source Code and Tutorials: Python Full-Stack Blog Web Application Project by Corey Schafer Flask based Tutorials and Source Codes

👉 Amazon Price Tracker Project

Summary of this Project: This python project tracks the price of an item on Amazon and emails you when the item has had a reduction in price. It does this by scraping the product information from the web page for the price of the item and compares it to whatever price you choose (The price you’re willing to buy the item for). If the price of the item falls below the value that you set, it sends you an email with the new price as well as the description of the item.

Tutorial: Amazon Price Tracker Project by Dev Ed

Download for Free (All are Open Source): "50+ Free Python Programming eBooks"

👉 Face Clustering with Python

Project Summary: In this project, you'll write two Python scripts: One to extract and quantify the faces in a dataset and another to cluster the faces, where each resulting cluster (ideally) represents a unique individual

Tutorial & Codes: Face Clustering with Python, Project by Adrian Rosebrock (PyImageSearch)

👉 Detecting Fake News with Python

Summary of this Project: In this Project, You will train a dataset of shape 7796×4 on news.csv. You’ll mainly use two things- a TfidfVectorizer and a Passive Aggressive Classifier. A TfidfVectorizer turns a collection of raw documents into a matrix of TF-IDF features. And a Passive Aggressive Classifier is an online learning algorithm that stays passive for a correct classification and becomes aggressive when there’s a miscalculation.

Tutorial & Code: Detecting Fake News with Python by DataFlair

👉 Build a Simple Blockchain in Python

Prerequisite: You should be comfy reading and writing some basic Python, as well as have some understanding of how HTTP requests work, since we’ll be talking to our Blockchain over HTTP.

Tutorial & Code: Build a Simple Blockchain in Python by Hackernoon

👉 Memory Puzzle Game

Summary of this Project: Build a Python game with PyGame that will test your memory. You'll learn about nested for loops and the pygame library.

Tutorial: Memory Puzzle Game by AI Sweigart

👉 Python Full-Stack E-Commerce Project

Summary: This is probably one of our favorite Python project on this list. If you are curious in building an eCommerce website like Amazon or Shopify or Walmart or Flipkart, and wants to sell your own products directly to your customers, then now you can do it. The tutorial attached with this project will take you step-by-step through building a full-stack eCommerce project using Python and Django. This is one of the hardest projects on this list so thankfully Dennis has provided the source code.

Source Code & Tutorial: Python Full-Stack E-Commerce Project by Dennis Ivy (Tutorial) & Code

👉 Scrape StackOverFlow with Scrapy and MongoDB

Project Summary: In this project, you will take a deep dig to build a scraper for an actual freelance gig where the client wants a Python program to scrape data from Stack Overflow to grab new questions (question title and URL). Scraped data should then be stored in MongoDB. It’s worth noting that Stack Overflow has an API, which can be used to access the exact same data.

Tutorial: Scrape StackOverFlow with Scrapy and MongoDB Project by Real Python

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