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The 10+ Best NodeJS CMS Platforms To Use in 2020

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What is Node.js?

  • Node.js is an open source server environment
  • Node.js is free
  • Node.js runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • Node.js uses JavaScript on the server

The 10 most popular NodeJS CMS 2020

  • 1. Strapi CMS

Most of you are already aware of the ultimate benefits of headless CMS. Strapi is an open source headless nodejs CMS. It offers developers to create a powerful, self-hosted, and highly customizable content API. Strapi is also suitable for developing systematic and well-configured web and mobile applications. It is very secure and feature-rich in nature.

  • 2. KeystoneJs

KeystoneJs is a powerful NodeJs CMS framework. It has been providing robust CMS support for years now. Apart from providing powerful CMS structures, KeystoneJs is also used to develop RESTful APIs, e-commerce applications, platforms, and different online forums. KeystoneJs offers a simplified Admin UI that assists developers in creating beautiful, sophisticated CMS.

  • 3. Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS is an open source headless NodeJs CMS. It is a powerful blogging platform that is written in JavaScript. It has such a sophisticated design that provides a simple path for online bloggers or online publications. Popular brands such as Apple, Tinder, SkyNews, Zappos, and many others use Ghost CMS for its simplicity and easily manageable functions.

  • 4. Apostrophe CMS

Aposthrophe is a free, open-source CMS for NodeJs. Developers were focused on increasing the productivity of web development and content management while building this NodeJs CMS. Today, it has been used worldwide to create and maintain websites/ web applications of all categories. AposthropheCMS has the solution to all your problems.

  • 5. EnduroJs

EnduroJs is currently considered one of the most productive NodeJs CMS. It is minimalistic, fast, and quite clean and neat. Professionals are really impressed with its modern architecture. It requires almost zero set-ups, and its admin panel is so sophisticated. Although it comes with a small community, those who have used it are really satisfied with its interface.

  • 6. We.Js

We.Js offers a handful of features for developing modern active websites. Instant features such as themes, views, articles all are available in We.Js. It also provides astounding user management and supports different media formats.

  • 7.

Prismic is considered to be an alternative to WordPress. It is both productive and enjoyable for developers. It is also a headless CMS. You can easily develop Prismic projects using NodeJs. This beautiful CMS offers a special starter project kit for NodeJs.

  • 8. TotalJs CMS

TotalJs is a NodeJs framework that offers you to build amazing web applications. However, when it comes to TotalJs CMS, it assists you in developing extraordinary professional and personal websites. TotalJs content management system is a NodeJs CMS that is built on NoSQL without following any dependencies.

  • 9. is a modern open-source NodeJs CMS. It is developed on NodeJs and Mongo DB. It offers an innovative segmentation-technology that can transform the way of communication between the upper hand to online customers. It comes with great integration support covering about 1500+ applications.

  • 10. NodeBeats

NodeBeats is an open-source nodejs framework that has been built using the MEAN framework. It is a mature content management system that helps you to create seamless content-oriented web applications. With this NodeJs CMS, you can easily create feature-rich content websites and transform them to any extent you like.

Best NodeJs CMS
Many people still confuse CMS with WordPress or Joomla or other open-source platforms. However, due to being a solid back-end language, NodeJs, now, is building some great and useful CMS platforms.

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jmikrut profile image
James Mikrut

Hey Faiçal — there's a new kid on the block.

Check out Payload CMS. It's Node + Express + React and has a ton of features that the other CMS in your list don't have!

Payload CMS

aman246149 profile image

is it free

jmikrut profile image
James Mikrut

Yes - there is a completely free Personal license! Check it out!

arielberg profile image
Ariel Berg

I want to suggest another CMS I'm working on that does not require any server.
It manages Content using a browser and then uploads the result to git (github pages) using its API.

Just fork it and you have a CMS ready...

nisalk profile image

what about , its also free

rishiyadav1923 profile image

Check out "" it's a great CMS

ngdangtu profile image
Đăng Tú • Edited

Isn't Ghost CMS a paid license platform? Also, between those above, which is the lightest-weight CMS?