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Alessio Fanelli
Alessio Fanelli

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nba_rb, a Ruby wrapper for the NBA Stats API

In the past couple of years I've worked on and off to put together nba_rb, a Ruby wrapper for the NBA Stats API. I've been using this in a private project for a while and found a lot of use it for it, even though it's in no way, shape or form perfect yet.

The inspiration for this gem was nba_py, the Python equivalent of this gem. They have done an amazing job at mapping out all the endpoints and their params, so big props to them for laying the ground work. Something something on the shoulder of the giants :)

Since I've been the only one really working on it and using the gem, I could use some feedback from other devs who like working with data, especially sports one. This is by no means perfect and it's the first big open source project I'm maintaining, so I'm sure there's a lot to improve :) Feel free to reach out to me at any time with Qs or anything else.

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Peter Kim Frank

Hey Alessio, this is really cool. I'm sure there are some other basketball fans here who would love to collaborate.

Consider posting in Ben's weekly "Open Source" thread that he usually posts every Monday. That will be a good place to find contributors.

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Alessio Fanelli

Ah neat, thanks!