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Say you have an idea for a new side project, but dont know what topic to base it on (for example: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica). You really don't wanna be building another to-do list.

You might want to test only a small idea you have, and dont want to build a full fledged app. Here's where you can use APIs as substitutes for parts of the app you're not focusing on.

I made a project using Vue that lists all publicly available APIs for you to use.

API Land screenshot

As you can see there are a lot of APIs to choose from (643 to be accurate), going through all of them to select one is counter productive. So I have provided a way to filter them by category, and am working on adding more filtering and search options.

Filter APIs screenshot

It's open source so you can help me improve this project here.

Github Link: https://github.com/faraazahmad/apiland
Live Demo: https://faraazahmad.github.io/apiland

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Hi ! Very great and useful idea. :)
I think it have a weird behavior when you redirect to the api website. When you have already be redirected to an api website, then you want try another, you're first redirected to the previous api you already visited


Yeah you're right. That's a weird bug I'm trying to fix


It's fixed now!


Well played ! What was the problem ?

I was using target="new" instead of target="_blank"


First I would like to thank you for such work.
I would like to point out that the project has a styling issue (I opened the site using firefox).
Edit: The list of items show up as a column instead of a grid


I'm glad I can be useful! Yeah you're right I'm not very good at CSS Grid. Although it's not a Firefox issue. What's your screen size and resolution?


supposedly the browser view port width is 1519 pixels


awesome awesome 🧡️


Good Job !

I really like this. Well deserved Star on the github :D