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Get to Know E of MEAN Stack


Express is a minimal web application framework for Node.js applications. It gives the ability to develop fundamental web application features quickly and easily. Express is used to build server-side applications.


Express provides the mechanisms to:

  1. Create web server and server-side settings, e.g. port to use for connecting, database access, etc.
  2. Write request handlers for HTTP request methods. These handlers can be required to read/write data from/to a database or many other tasks to satisfy the request and generate the response.
  3. Add middleware functions to simplify common web development tasks during the request processing, e.g. file upload and storage, password hashing, routing, error handling, etc.


  • The minimalist approach makes it easy to learn and easy to build APIs with Express.
  • Middleware based. Integrate/create as many components as you want to achieve different functionalities. Easy integration with third-party middleware.
  • Unopinionated framework. Flexible framework for the developers to choose suitable components to solve the problems or complete their tasks. Fewer restrictions on which components to use and how to use them together.

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Farhat Sharif • Edited

Do tell me in comments if you find Express easier to understand with this post.