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Get to Know M of MEAN Stack


MongoDB is a document-oriented and distributed database, built to fulfill the flexibility and scalability needs of modern applications. With its dynamic schema and rich query language, it offers more productivity to the developers.

MongoDB focuses on how fast you can incorporate the database in your applications, how easily you can scale your applications, and how deeply & accurately you can analyze your data.


MongoDB is a NoSQL (non-relational) database where collections correspond to tables and documents correspond to records in relational databases. Documents contain JSON-like objects, usually in the form of field-value pairs. Internally MongoDB stores data in BSON format that is a binary representation of JSON. BSON is optimized for faster database operations.

Documents allow easy evolution with application needs. Fields can vary from document to document in a collection. So it becomes easy to adapt to data model changes. Documents map to objects in the application code, making it easier for the developers to work with.

MongoDB’s comprehensive query language provides the fastest ways to access, transform and analyze data.


MongoDB offers:

  • Flexible schema. The document’s schema does not need to be pre-defined. Data models can change dynamically.
  • Continuous availability of data with cloud databases.
  • Elastic Scalability. Data can be distributed to accommodate growing data volumes and load balancing. Cloud databases are designed to scale up and outward for handling data growth and load.

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