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The way I lost my logic

I remember the old days where I switch on the computer only to use Paint and it was a new experience for me. Later, when I was introduced to programming, I saw only black and white screens. I tried to learn simple things at first. It is a basic rule that, If we are learning something, we must perceive the basics first. So does the programming.

At the school, they spoon-fed the basics of programming, and the first language I learned was SQL. I remember I was only taught the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and WHERE commands. I used this handful of commands to solve the questions in the exams. When I started the 101 of C Language, the printf, scanf was all about day one. Years passed, I have gone through many of the algorithms like sorting, searching, and more. Every new thing I have learned excites and keeps me motivated. Meanwhile, the technology was getting advanced day by day, also there came new languages, new ways of programming which made the programmers' lives easier. There are one-liners for many of the logical functionalities, there are community answers to many of the logical problems I have. I get used to it and I never had to use the algorithms I have learned. Eventually, the brain began to remove unused resources. Here I'm managing multiple stacks and doing different projects and learning new things, but literally, I'm not challenging my brain as I used to do in my starting days.

As a developer, it is good to have ready-to-use functionalities, it saves our time and gets better results. It is better to challenge our brains with logical questions every once in a while. After all, we should try to keep up with the technology updates every day. For me, It helps while making decisions.

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