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We won best dev portal!

Yesterday the Fastly developer hub won Best Onboarding Experience at the 2022 Dev Portal Awards!

One of the jurors said:

They really want to get you started fast and without friction. Very well done, provides a lot of helpful resources. Testing options that you can use immediately.

One of the other comments was my favourite though:

Really impressed that Fastly finally did the interactive tutorial that Stripe was known for, can try and see an API that is quite complicated, this is not easy.

We were nominated in a group of 12, some of the best developer experiences around, and we were honoured to be in such auspicious company.

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It's so important to us to have respect for our developer community. The docs and tools we offer to our developers should be as good as or better than the docs we rely on ourselves. That means comprehensive coverage - if you can use it, we should document it - and tools that let you try things out as easily as possible.


Describing our abstractions is also a great opportunity to recognise rough edges and feed improvements back into our product development.

And beyond providing information and helping to shorten the path from idea to execution, we see one of the key goals of our developer hub to be to inspire. There's a balance to be struck - we want to help people understand the art of the possible but we also know the very best ideas for how to use Fastly and what to use Fastly for are going to come from the developer community. So we try to inspire but also to empower people to experiment and play with their own ideas.


In all of this we have ourselves been inspired by some spectacular sites that we use every day: Stripe, MDN, Eventbrite, Google, and Twilio have all inspired elements of the Fastly developer site.

Finally, I'm absurdly proud of the six people across three continents that work incredibly hard to make the developer hub what it is. Journie, Chris, Kats, Mark, Kailan, and Dora, have done a fantastic job, and it's really lovely to be able to recognise the people behind the webpages.

And of course thank you to our developer community, you're the people we do this for, and there's a reason we put a feedback form on every single page of the devhub, because we love talking to you and we love it when you talk to us.

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Hannah Aubry

I'm so proud of you all for this amazing, hard work! And to see you all getting the recognition you so very much deserve. Pardon me, just basking ✨