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Get trending GitHub projects in your new Chrome tab with GitHunt

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GitHub is widely known as one of the most famous version control repository, in which you can find pretty much countless public projects for many programming languages. It makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members, and also with other fellow developers around the globe with many public projects that you can learn and benefit from, and also contribute to. Among many other things, GitHub displays Trending Projects which make it easy for you to differentiate the projects that have received more attention than others. As a result, you have the ability to find projects that have received a lot of stars from other fellow developers in the recent past.

The process of finding new trending projects has gotten even easier with a Chrome extension dedicated to increase your exposure to open source projects. GitHunt can be installed as a Chrome extension in your browser, and then have the ability to see top trending projects on GitHub right in your new tabs. You can see trending projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can choose to display trending projects only on one language, or in all languages. It currently does not have the option to choose more than one language and not include all of them.

Aside from the project title and the number of stars, you can also view a short project description (if it has been added earlier), number of issues opened and also visit that project by simply clicking on the project displayed in the new tab.

Why should you install this extension?

GitHub has been called as the new resume for software developers, because it is a very good way for you to promote your knowledge, skills, expertise, and style of code to potential recruiters that my get an impression about you.

As a result, many developers put some of their best work publicly on GitHub, which can also open the doors for plausible innovations and opportunities for others to learn and contribute to. Even so, it is really difficult to always stumble upon some of these very best projects, and you may also not possess the habit of always visiting GitHub directly just to see the trending projects. As a result, having them right in your new tab can increase your chances of getting to know about the existence of new and interesting projects that you can benefit from.

Seeing large companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft benefiting so much from open source projects may convince you to use this extension in your browser even more.

One simple project that may appear in your new tab may have already solved the problem that has been bothering you for such a long period of time. You may have wanted to open a new tab to Google for a plausible solution, but the solution might have come before you even expected.

These projects can also inspire you with new gists of knowledge, ideas and patterns on how to build your next trending open source projects. You can also identify the patterns of many solutions that have been spread out in many trending projects, and come up with your own.

GitHunt is also an open source project that you can find on GitHub. If you have any idea on how to improve it, the author has already called for your contributions. I have already made a few minor typo fixes and invite you to continue improving this great project.

You can read more and see the source code of this extension by visiting its GitHub page. You can download and install it via Chrome Webstore.

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Ben Halpern

This is cool. I had the same thought for a name for a tag on that would be centered around showing off cool GitHub repos. (Playing off Product Hunt and GitHub of course, as I imagine you were thinking)

Anyway, installed GitHunt for now 😁

fatosmorina profile image
Fatos Morina

I am glad to hear that Ben. I like that I get to see new trending repositories in my tab. I believe, GitHub is a bit underrated, and needs more attention, especially from new developers.

vitalets profile image
Vitaliy Potapov • Edited

Great idea! Some time ago I've posted an article "5 ways you can keep track of trending repositories on GitHub". Your solution could definitely be the sixth one! πŸ‘

jerodsanto profile image
Jerod Santo

This is super cool!

I only use Chrome for dev, so it'd be awesome to see it ported to other popular browsers too. Are you open to PRs adding support for other browsers or would you prefer those as separate projects?

(Another way to get a similar fix is with our free and open source newsletter, Changelog Nightly.)

fatosmorina profile image
Fatos Morina

I am glad you like it. I am not the author of this great project. I really like and benefit from it, and simply decided to promote it a little bit. I believe it's better to contact the author.