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My weekend project crossed 140,000 visits in 4 months, made without spending a single dollar.

I had made as a weekend project to learn Vue.js and Node. I did not think much just made the idea that I had in my mind.

It immidiately picked up and crossed 140,000 visits in 4 months. I did not spend a single dollar making it.

  1. Got the free domain from (they stopped giving them)
  2. Hosted the app on zeit(the api) + netlify(the vue.js app)

I did not promote this even a little bit and all the users were organic and I get an average of 35000 visits a month on it.

Today I am launching version 2.0 of tvflix. It's made with Nuxt.js & Tailwind CSS. Full hosted on zeit(new vercel).

Please upvote so that more people get to know about it.

What's new in v2

  1. Refreshed UI
    Completely rethought and made v2 from scratch with intrusion free access to content.

  2. Dark Mode
    Dark mode everything!

  3. PWA
    Tvflix is now a PWA, you can download it to your phones or desktops easily.

    You can now bookmark channels and store them locally in your browser

  5. Categories
    Channels are now categorised respectively, you will be able to find News, Music, Education, Kids, Entertainment etc.

  6. Faster
    Tvflix is now 75% faster, the code is now rendered on server instead of browsers making the JS and CSS footprint in your much less.

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