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Upgrading from react-native ~0.56 to 0.57.1 and Babel v7 after just installing MacOS Mojave and Xcode 10

Sequence of commands I used to install this.

Updated to MacOS Mojave

rm-rf node_modules

npm install


Got errors about babel hot reloader but ignored them.

ran react-native run-ios

Got build error to do with react-native cli

opened project in Xcode, updated build tools for shared workspace that were still on legacy to latest.

Cleaned project

Found this

which led me to this

Which gave me errors when I ran pod install referring to BoringSSL.

Decided to change track since I hate pods and update Babel instead.

That was pretty easy, I just followed this.

I installed it globally, if I could do it again I wouldn't have done that, no reason why, just seemed like it could cause problems down the line.

App eventually ran after a little friction, manually started packager, but then I got some version mismatch errors.

Ran npm cache verify and erase all content and settings on the simulator to get around these, but realized that I'd been getting build errors all along so I morosely trekked back to

cd ./ios

Realized BoringSSL error was being caused by this file changing name on Github.

Changed name of pod BoringSSL to BoringSSL-GRPC too after that gave me an error.

pod install appeared to be successful subsequently.

Killed still running packager, deleted app from simulator and ran:

react-native run-ios

Build succeeded, one brief moment of joy, instantly brought back down to reality with lovely post build succeeding error.

Bunch of cache cleans and erase all content and settings type things got things fixed though.

Android should be a piece of cake right?

Terminal logs available on request and at your peril.

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Franz Andrusch Romero

I have issues with babel and watchman after update Mojave os. Problem with react-native run-ios

feargswalsh92 profile image
Feargal Walsh

You may need to upgrade babel

feargswalsh92 profile image
Feargal Walsh

But that should happen automatically if you update rn

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Feargal Walsh


Android worked first time!