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Getting started in DevOps, CI pipelines, and setting up your first GitHub Actions

Last November, FeaturePeek cofounder Jason Barry joined Mintbean to talk DevOps and help new Mintbean developers set up their first continuous integration pipelines. If you're not familiar with Mintbean, it's a growing community of dev bootcamp graduates, self-learners, and other beginning developers that participate in weekly hackathons together. Past hacks have included trivia apps, stock trackers, chatbots, and lots more. Along with the hackathons, Mintbean offers free workshops and presentations that feature helpful speakers from relevant startups and industry leading companies. All Mintbean hackathons and workshops are all intended to help new developers build their portfolios and ultimately find their first jobs in software development.

One of the best parts of the Mintbean community is that every participant, code mentor, speaker, and community organizer at Mintbean are there to collaborate together and help each other learn. This focus on helping one another leads to a vibrant enthusiasm in Mintbean communities and chats, and new Mintbean participants always seem to think they've stumbled into a community that's too good to be true. Except that it's the real deal! That's why the FeaturePeek team are so proud to be sponsors of the Mintbean community, as well as frequent presenters on DevOps and career soft skills topics.

Automate and Deploy with GitHub Actions

On that note, FeaturePeek cofounder and frontend developer Jason Barry joined a recent Mintbean cohort to discuss continuous integration and setting up your first CI pipelines. In this presentation, Jason chose to feature GitHub Actions for its ease-of-use and for its generous free tier. In this talk, Jason discusses the important of continuous integration, how to set up GitHub Actions, as well as some simple tests and automations you can integrate.

Don't worry if you weren't able to join us on 11/16. That's why we recorded Jason's session, and this way you can watch it on your own time. Before you start, make sure to check out Jason's GitHub Actions Starter Pack repository on GitHub.

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Also referenced in the article, but you can find Jason's GitHub Actions Starter Pack repo here: