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What kind of music do you listen to while coding ?

i personally tend to listen to lofi if anyone has a good recommendations let me know .

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Jesse M. Holmes

I tend to stick to video game, film scores, or orchestral/brass band music. There are days where I am fine to put on some Avett Brothers, The Mars Volta, or anything with lyrics, but usually it's too distracting. Here are a few that are in constant rotation for me. Let me know if you find something like!


Coding and Crushing It
This playlist is a decent mix between video game and film score music. There isn't one central theme like the others.

If you were making an attempt to homogenizing this playlist into just a few genres, it seems evenly balanced between Lo-Fi EDM and Cool Jazz.

*This is Snarky Puppy
I mean … to be honest, I find myself rewinding to catch things I hear in the background.

Lo-fi Video Game Music
Just as the title says. This is almost more of a compilation than a playlist. It takes me back to the OverClocked ReMix days (still going strong, actually).

dark classical
I'll just leave you with the playlist description: brood in a hedonistic and boundless despair / dark academia blessed

Japanese Lofi Chill
Lo-Fi is a thing when coding, I swear.


FEZ by Disasterpeace
This one seems to help me think.

Brass from the Masters, Vol. 2 by Grimethorpe Colliery Band
When there isn't a pandemic, I perform in a British brass band in the DMV, and while I would love to spend a ton of energy educating more Americans about this tradition, I'll just leave this fantastic album here. Fantasy for Brass Band is what I put on when absolutely need to get myself going.

Fitzcarraldo by The Frames
The lyrics are great, but they can easily fade into the background of this very 90's soundtrack, and that makes it easy to code. Any album by this band for me!

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My playlists are also full of Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky and company. Their scores are just perfection

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+🥰 for the Mars Volta. Them and any Prog Rock are perfect for getting lost coding.

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Christof Becu • Edited

Metal things like Cattle Decapitation, Mayhem, gorija,... for debugging other peoples code.

In the zone: emb, doom core, minimal techno, industrial, noise & even HNW works sometimes.

In a creative rut: the cure, sisters of mercy, depeche mode, einsturzende neubauten, das ich, pink floyd, ...

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David Dal Busco • Edited

Yeah Gojira 🤘

I also really appreciate metal but in major tone such as Deafheaven (my all time fav) or Alcest. These days I've got also a thing for Envy or some post-rock like Leech.

Right when you are inspired and you know what to code without any doubt, that's the spot were these kind of music shine 🌟

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Fré Dumazy • Edited

Basically anything instrumental. Vocals and lyrics make me lose my focus. I switch between complete silence and any of the following:

  • soundtracks
  • classical music of contemporary composers
  • lofi hiphop
  • post rock
  • rain and storm sound (

I also find myself putting tracks on repeat. I think my brain can focus on the constant pattern and block out all the other sound

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i too remarked the same ! i tend to be more productive while listening to a certain music / sound especially rain and storm !

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Dendi Handian

Synthwave music like The Midnight, FM-84, Timecop1983.

And sometimes like Daft-Punk, Parcels, Roosevelt.

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Jason F

I've been listening to a lot of power metal at work over the last few months. Some notable albums are:

  • Sabaton - The Great War
  • Avantasia - The Metal Opera part 1
  • Sonata Arctica - Winterheart's Guild
  • Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys parts 1 and 2
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Junxiao Shi

I do not normally listen to any music while coding. Silence helps me focus.
If I'm in a noisy hardware lab, I use an iPad nano that contains my entire music collection. It contains many genres from Mozart to Backstreet Boys.

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alephalpha0 • Edited

Autechre or Squarepusher or anything from Warp or Ghostly's IDM spectrums.

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Tobias Timm

Depending on my mood. A collection of OST's, DnB, Electro, Metal, Rock :D

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Usually listening to pop punk / metalcore / electronic stuff but, If I really need to tune out (especially without spoken word) I made myself a playlist of Lo-Fi favourites for coding! Seemed to gain some traction on its own!

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Bruno Oliveira

Prog Rock, Djent, and a lot of different stuff. Good music is enough. Now I'm addicted to Diorama from Silverchair, veeery good album.

I like to listen to full albums so it's very rare for me to use playlists.

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Mehrad Sadeghi • Edited

If the piece of code I'm writing needs high concentration, I would listen to something new agy like Yanni or Bernward Koch. In the mornings that my mind is not booted up yet, I listen to some Electronic specially Trance. For normal parts of my day (when writing code) I would listen to Rock music.

I can share my FAV musics and bands if you would like to.

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Dennis Wueppelmann

Usually Lofi, Rap Instrumentals or Metal instrumentals, I also created a Playlist with the whole Devil May Cry Soundtrack which is pretty nice to code to:

Other good ones:

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I love OST's and background score used in movie trailers.

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Have you checked out Samuel Kim's channel, especially his LOTR and Star Wars ones. He took the already epic Rise of Skywalker trailer music and made it even more epic.

I have a feeling you would love his stuff if you love the above, same as me.

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Nuwan Karunarathna

Piano music without words while I'm coding. A Rock / Metal song After a few hours of coding to relax my mind :P

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Miles Watson

Piano music whilst coding is great! I'm a big fan of Josh Cohen's work - his Radiohead album is fantastic.

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Lofi is pretty nice and doesn't bother while coding, but also I like to listen to music in languages I don't understand (such as French). Some of the songs that I usually listen to are: (Indila - Tourner Dans Le Vide) (Indila - Dernière Danse) (Sofiane - Toka) (Sofiane - Tout l'monde s'en fout) (Sofiane - Lundi)

I literally have no idea what the songs above are about lol.