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Felipe Elia
Felipe Elia

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Updating my profile on GitHub

It's been a while since it's possible to customize your GitHub profile. I never had any ideas to do something cool, but after watching this video, I used this tool to update my GitHub Profile.

My updated GitHub profile

The process is quite simple:

  1. Create a repository with the same name as your username. In my case, it was;
  2. Open the tool, fill in the necessary fields and generate the file;
  3. Push the file to your repository.

There is a GitHub Action that keeps the blog posts list updated, but the reference in the tool is outdated. I already sent a Pull Request with the necessary change, but you can copy it from my repository and adjust it as needed.

Here are some profiles I used as a reference:

Finally, I created an account on Ko-Fi and added that Buy me a coffee button. I don't expect any donations, but if anyone ever wants to, there's an easy way to do it.

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Robson Grangeiro

Olá Felipe! Ficou bem legal seu novo profile.
Não sei se chegou a pesquisar, mas markdown badges também são bem legais. Há um post aqui com milhares delas:

Forte abraço!