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3 Chrome's Built-in URLs that you would like to know

Chrome has a lot of "hidden" tricks and treats, and one of them is the Chrome's Built-in URLs. A bunch of internal URLs designed to provide advanced information, debugging and detailed info about you and the browser. Yes, information about you, since you are using the browser. A built-in URL follows this schema chrome://{address}. Here i will list 3 of them that i consider very cool to take a peek. My Current Google Chrome version is 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit), under a Linux Ubuntu.

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Displays a table containing your engagement score for the sites you most visit.


When opened, log the user events (activity) on the browser, but do not seem to store any data about it.


Your Chrome's internal preferences. Its cool to see how the information is organized (and how many information there is to see)


You can check the complete Chrome's Built-In URLs list visiting chrome://about or chrome://chrome-urls/

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Glenn Stovall

If I may contribute one more: chrome://dino lets you play the no internet game when you do have internet

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Felippe Regazio

Probably the coolest one :P

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hanzlahabib • Edited

If I may contribute one more: chrome://version
it gives you details about chrome instance

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Giancarlos C.

user-actions is very useful!