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Why i created my own Express i18n Middleware to internationalize REST APIs

Yep, i created my ow Express i18n Middleware for REST APIs, and published it as a npm package. It has only 16kb, super easy usage, no-dependency and its well tested.

You can check the package on that link:

You can check the sources on that link:

If you need to internationalize your REST API, you can consider use it, its FOSS. I have searching for some alternatives to REST APIs Internationalization and all of them (related to Express) where intended to be very general solutions, bringing a lot of built-in features that i didnt want to, or i simply disliked the API. So, i decided to write my own, the smaller and simplest as possible.

That made me think about something: The trade offs of creating very general tools VS a set of small single-purpose tools. I think this concern is not new, of course. We've been trying to solve this question in some different levels of development with module patterns, components, tree-shaking, graphs etc. So, this should be a packagist level question also, right? When you decide to start something, maybe you should ask yourself about this (?).

See, im not telling that the other tools i saw are bad or criticizing the options available, or telling that i created a better one, is not that. I dont even consider myself a good programmer as the guys that created such awesome tools like those i saw out there. My concern was purely: the weight of some modules to solve such small tasks on my project. Purely a trade off. Now, im just questioning how good or how bad can be to write a general VS single-purpose solutions.


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