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Solidifying your software engineering identity

Hi, folks! 👋 My name is Anton and I just launched CoreSkills Challenge - a way to solidify your engineering skills with 10 min real-world coding tasks.

Why on earth am I doing this?

During the past year, I've been running an interview platform called CoreSkills. That experience, combined with my 10+ years in the software industry, let me acquire knowledge that enabled me to do cool things. These are just a few examples: running high-load payment processing systems in production, leading a dev team of 6 great engineers, and run a side-project that made some cash (can even call it profitable maybe 😃) in my spare time.

And CoreSkills Challenge is my attempt to share my knowledge beyond my current network. So let's see how it goes. 💫

I also share behind the scenes

And in case you're interested, feel free to follow my journey on Twitter.

Stay curious! ✌️

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