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JavaScript Self Typewriting

Get Pumped 😃😃😃 Guys, Because Today we'd be Exploring the world of Self Typewriting in Javascript..

I'm Pretty sure most of you must have seen it, this automated and dynamically typing stuff all over the web today.

Have you wondered how it's been made??

Well, i'm here to let you know how.
This Here explains it in Javascript.

You have to create a function , then use the this keyword attached with some attributes which does the same thing as referring to the function you just created as shown below

Best on Javascript Typewriting

Secondly, you use the prototype syntax of writing,
also all logic goes in here, e.g the length, speed of movement etc..

Best on Javascript Typewriting

Lastly , You initialize and use it on the DOM , depending on what you want or how you want to use it.

Best on Javascript Typewriting



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