Good Idea or Bad Idea

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Had an idea I needed to get out of my head. This was the result. I can't tell if this is a good idea or not worth my time.

Is it useful to anyone? Is it useful to me? I can't tell at this point. Thought I would ask for some feedback and maybe more ideas.

Basically, it's just an executable I have running on a timer (Windows Task Scheduler).

  • The Greeting on the left changes throughout the day
  • The Date in the middle obviously changes only once a day
  • The weather data can be loaded from one of two sources at the moment (OpenWeather and WeatherBit)
  • The Priority items is pointed at a specific Trello list and pulls in the cards and description from that list
  • The primary background is just a simple background image
  • The background, colors and fonts can be configurable

Alt Text

I thought maybe...

  • There could be three columns in the lighter gray area but not sure what the other two columns would be (calendar might be nice)
  • I have plenty of room below the focus area to use up, but this is calculated based on the user's screen size
  • Might be cool if it could take multi-monitor setups into account

Your thoughts?

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I like it, it reminds me of Rainmeter but custom-built. What did you use to make it?


Oh my goodness! Rainmeter! Isn't that a blast from the past! I used to love that thing. Perhaps there may have been some sub conscience influence there?

I made mine in an F# console app.


A blast from the past indeed! It helped quench my thirst for customization on Windows before I moved to Unix. I used to love the "Should I wear a jacket?" widget.


Looking at Rainmeter again, it seems like it has come a long way since I used it last. Might have to try it again.


Yeah, I haven't touched it in a while as well. Seems like there's some quite advanced community setups available