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What makes you so confident?

I've often thought about writing a "how-to" on here or a simple list of code instructions like some of our fellow dev'ers do. What stays my hand is the question "what make you so confident?" and then I usually click Save draft and move on.

I've always subscribed to the idea that you shouldn't post things you aren't an expert on. Which is why I don't post things often and when I do it's more of a "hey, look what I did" and not "here's how to do x".

Do folks (you, dear reader) have any thoughts on the matter? Do you look for only expert written articles?

I'm genuinely curious, what makes dev authors so confident and fearless to post these types of articles? Are you considered an expert in the things you write about?

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Maddy • Edited

Speaking for myself: nope, not at all. 😅

Actually, one of the reasons why I launched my blog and started to write was because I wanted to increase my confidence as a software engineer.

Writing is a great way to expand and explore your knowledge on a subject.

Often, I pick a topic that I want to know more of, or a topic that I struggled with in the past. You increase your confidence by continuosly researching and reading articles on it.

You gather your own understanding and you express it in the form of an article.

I write articles about Java, but I struggle to consider myself an "expert" on Java! 😆

Most of those articles come from a place of uncertainty, and I decide to write a blog post because I myself want to know more about a specific topic. On top of this, I decide to share the knowledge publicly and hopefully it helps. 😁

I can see what you mean when you write "fearlessly" because when you publish an article, you put yourself in a "vulnerable" position. You can get positive and not-so-positive comments. Personally, I like to "fight" the negative comments with kindness. I take those comments and use them to improve my articles.

I hope that I addressed your question. :D

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Thank you. I appreciate your input!