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John "Fitzy" DeLancey
John "Fitzy" DeLancey

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What is Developer Relations? An Interview with Twilio Developer Evangelist @LaylaCodesIt

As I explore options for the next phase of my career, I've grown more and more curious about the emerging role of developer advocates in the software engineering world.

In this interview, I discuss the role with Layla, a developer evangelist for Twilio. Layla has her own livecoding stream on Twitch, is a Microsoft MVP, and was recently elected to the board of the .NET Foundation.

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What We Covered

  • Layla's unique path into software development
  • What Developer Relations "is" and the two big roles: advocate and evangelist (and how they differ)
  • How Twilio built an advocate-centric business around a large team of developer relations specialists
  • Various approaches to developer advocacy content creation from documentation to live streaming on "official channels" vs person channels, etc.
  • The role of developer AMBASSADORS - community members who are passionate about a product and are then supported by the company

And MUCH more.

What are your thoughts or questions about DevRel?

This is an exciting niche within the software development world. I feel like I was built for it in a lot of ways, and I'm definitely curious to meet more developer advocates/evangelists and hear about their experiences!

I also really liked getting to have a conversation with a developer who's daily work life is so different from my own. May do more of these.

(Follow me on Twitch to catch 'em live when I do. 😁)

Until next time!
- John

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